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Show review: Panic! At The Disco - June 11th - Minneapolis, MN

Common Revolt’s photographer, Ashley Osborn, wrote up the details and a full review of the performances, bands and thriving energy at the Panic! At The Disco’s show in Minneapolis this past weekend! Click the read more below for her review and to see more of her photos from the night!

Hey fellow show attendees! This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Panic! At The Disco’s show at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Let me just start off by saying that the show was sold out, so it was a packed house of around 1,600+ people! I had the chance to talk to and meet several people in the crowd while waiting to start shooting in the photo pit. You could feel the anticipation. The crowd was full of anxious fans who haven’t seen Panic! in a very long time, people who arrived at the venue at 3:30 a.m. and kids who have never even had the pleasure of seeing Panic!

Funeral Party was the first band to play. To say they won the crowd over would be saying the very least. Frontman Chad Elliot’s energy was bursting off of the stage directly into the crowd. The entire band’s dynamic flows together so well, their energy was almost overwhelming and their music is very experimental. It intrigues you and makes you want to hear more. 

The band’s debut full-length was released earlier this year in the U.S. and has received great response. Overall their set was incredible. I give their set an A, simply because for an opening act, they really got the show started just right and set the bar for fun.’s performance that followed.

Overall, I was most excited for fun.’s set, however bummed I had to resist the urge to dance whilst in the photo pit (haha). As usual, fun. had the entire crowd hooked 30 seconds into their set. They opened with their ballad, “We Are Young,” and since it was a slower song, it seriously raised the anticipation for their more upbeat tunes and had the crowd going insane.

When they played “Walking the Dog,” the crowd erupted. I turned around in the photo pit and I have never honestly seen that many people screaming, moving, jumping and dancing. Fun. is perfect, carefree and positive within their music and that entire idea spans directly into the crowds attitude during every set the band plays. Vocalist Nate Ruess is the lead of this playful band and he leads flawless. A band has never lived up to their name as well as fun. does. I so wanted to note that I really enjoy Emily Moore’s (touring member) vocal performance when the band plays live. Her and Nate Ruess have a lot of stage chemistry and their voices bounce off of each other very well. 

The most memorable part of fun.’s set for me was when they played “Barlights.” Ruess stood front and center and yelled “LET’S SHOW PANIC! AT THE DISCO WE AREN’T ZOMBIES. REPEAT AFTER ME!” and started singing the line “You know I, feel alive, feel alive.” The entire crowd got louder every time it was repeated until Ruess went crazy onstage and the crowd got so loud I honestly felt they could be heard from a mile away even in closed doors. Fun. never fails to impress every single person they play for, whether they open or they headline. They did absolutely incredible. They fit the bill for this tour so well because their music is so exciting.

At last, it was time for the band of the night. The honorable Panic! At The Disco was about to take the stage. The time between fun. and Panic!’s sets was about 25 minutes. In that time, fans had started to chant “PANIC, PANIC, PANIC” several times, they were screaming, yelling and everybody on the barricade was full of smiles and excitement. When the lights went down and the screen went up (First Ave has this huge screen they put down between sets), the crowd erupted with screams and happiness. The band’s intro was phenomenal and they ran out and burst into playing their new single, “Ready To Go.” The song has a fantastic introduction and when it kicked it with the “Oh, oh’s” Brendon Urie appeared, flipped around and held a smile so large, it almost took over his entire face. The band was dressed up in fancy attire and their physical set up was filled with everything from beautiful draped curtains to rusty looking machinery. 

A few songs in, vocalist Brendon Urie took the time to apologize to the parents for this next song and continued to burst into “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.” Before they were even half done with their set, the band had managed to blow the entire crowd away. They had also managed to mix up all three of their full-length albums into the set already, which I highly appreciated being a long time Panic! fan. That was really awesome to see. The highlight of their set for me personally was when they were joined onstage with members of fun. to sing the song they wrote together, “C’mon.” Ruess’ energy hadn’t gone down at all since he left the stage and they had an incredible performance together and it ended with very open and welcome arms from Brendon directed towards Ruess, the vocalists shared a hug and the fun. members kindly stepped offstage for Panic! to takeover yet again.

Soon after, Brendon Urie jokingly announced that he had recently learned how to say “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage” all at once. And they directly bursted into song. After they played the fabulous “Let’s Kill Tonight,” the band left the stage and Brendon appeared solo to sing the slow ballad “Always” front and center with his guitar. The band soon after brought back two singles from their 2008 full-length, Pretty. Odd., and during “That Green Gentleman” several people around me were in tears. The way the band performs that song had blown my mind and I was so thankful they had played it.

The band was about to close their set with “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” Before they played Brendon said that he was “Going to take us to church” and gave a speech. He told the crowd to “make a fire on the floor of the middle of it.” They proceeded to do just that. The floor of the venue was jumping and moving with such force. I had never thought of it that way but it really did look like a fire, haha. After the song was over, the band left the stage. Two or so minutes later, they came back out to perform their cover of “Carry On My Wayward Son,” which was absolutely incredible. The guitar parts in that song fit the band perfectly. Drummer, Spencer Smith soon stood up from his kit and took a photo of the entire crowd (seen below). 

The band closed their incredible set with “Nearly Witches.” The beat of that song was incredible to see the band dance live to. Brendon Urie has some serious dance moves, and I mean SERIOUS. Between tapping his feet and spinning in circles, his stage presence was absolutely mind blowing. I didn’t know men could dance like that. When the song was over, the band took center stage for bow with touring members Ian Crawford and Dallon Weekes. All four of them were full of happiness and disbelief. Before the band left the stage the proceeded to give out as many types of memorabilia as they possibly could find. Brendon even kissed a setlist and threw it out for fans.

Overall I have no words to explain how incredible Panic! At The Disco’s set was. I was an entire galaxy away from any type of disappointment. I hadn’t seen the band live since 2009 and they had always been one of my favorites. Their neverending connection with their fans, crowds and music always shows directly through within their performances. You NEED to see this tour if you can. All three of these bands performed flawless and delivered above par. I am incredibly thankful I had the opportunity to attend this tour over the weekend.

For dates, you can check out Panic! At The Disco’s website

For more photos, you can check out the set on my flickr page!

Thank you so much for reading!
- Ashley Osborn 


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