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Track By Track - A Million Pieces

A Million Pieces, an up-and-coming pop rock act from LA, California, recently put out their debut self-titled EP on iTunes in late April of this year. The band’s front man, Morgan Freed, was nice enough to write out a track-by-track explanation of all the songs on the EP.

Check out the track-by-track below and be sure to pick it up on iTunes today!

Vanity Plates- This song is about seeing people change as we get older, but how no matter what some memories will never die

Laserbeams- I wrote this when I was bummin’, but put it to an upbeat riff. I was actually kind of indifferent about using these lyrics on this song. It’s about two people not getting each other at some points in a relationship and how that seems to weigh so much on our everyday lives.

Dream of Me- I wrote this song way before A Million Pieces existed. Me and Pete (guitars) tried playing it with other bands and it just wasn’t working. The dudes in AMP made this song what it is. If you listen to the first 10 seconds or so of the song you’ll know what it’s about. It was written in California about California and was originally titled New Mexico. Just kidding… It was gonna be called California!

Small Talk- It’s about a bunch of stuff… me being afraid to sing, me being afraid to succeed, not sleeping and some people I left behind in Arizona. Basically my adventure from moving from Arizona to California told from a blurry perspective .

Get it Right- This song was originally titled “Snake Pit” and is my favorite track on our EP. I wanted to make a spooky pop song.  Again it can be summed up in the first few lines of lyrics, but also me talking about how I’ve changed (and how I’m afraid to change) and now I see things a little clearer.  It’s a creeper.

Problems- Written when me and Pete lived in Laguna. Sort of defined my style of lyric writing. This song is about my past and I never listen to it because it weirds me out. I like it because it’s honest in an awful way. It’s about love and revenge and drugs. The whole EP is basically about sleeping, ghosts, and dying. Haha, that sounds bad saying it out loud. Whatevs, I hope you enjoy it!

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