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Common Revolt Interview with: The Maine

Pat Kirch, drummer of The Maine, took some time to do an interview with us at Common Revolt on the way to play their first show of their current tour with Augustana and Austin Gibbs.

We discuss recording new music, their live set, Black and White, and future plans, so be sure to read below and check out the band live on tour. Be sure to also check out the photo blog they did for us recently, if you haven’t already!

You guys just started your tour with Augustana and Austin Gibbs. This is your first big U.S. tour since last fall, do you have anything special to look for in the set?
Yeah, we’re playing a few new songs, and then through the rest of the set we spent way more time working out the set-list than we ever have. We looked back at songs from our first record and our newest one, just the parts that were recorded were right in our live show, and even changed things around to sound the best.

I remember that you guys have your “M” logo, engraved in your amp speakers, haha.
Yeah we love to take extra time to do little stuff like that. We’re totally going in a whole different direction with our live sets, trying to keep things new and exciting.

A couple days ago on May 8th was the four year anniversary of the Stay Up Or Get Down EP, how has the band changed since it’s release?
It’s crazy, so much has gone on in the past four years, so many ups and downs. We’re really thankful that we can record record and go on tour and play shows for people. We just want to take everything to the next record. We don’t want to ever make the same record twice, as well as anything else we do. I think this is a really exciting time to do that, just to kind of do whatever feels right. I think we’ve kind of learned it’s best for us to listen to us and the core group of people around us, because that’s the only one we can trust. I hope the next four years are exciting as the first four.

Your newest album, Black And White, went in kind of a different direction as your first records. How has the reception been since the album was released in July of last year?
It’s been really great. I think for sure for us and the band, I didn’t really feel like there was a huge change because we’re always writing. You know, the fans have reacted to it great. The people who really love our band will like us even more, but the people who hate us will hate us even more. We had kind of a set sound to our band, and we wanted to stray from that on this one. I think our next record will be just as big of a change like Can’t Stop Won’t Stop to Black And White was, if not more.

Speaking of the next record, I know you’ve been playing a new song “My Heroine” live for quite some time. Were there any plans to put that on the next album — what are you plans for the next album?
I don’t know if that will be on the next release to be honest. We’ve written over 50 songs and have recorded a bunch of acoustic versions of the songs, and live recordings as well. Actually, as we speak, some of the guys in the background of the bus are working on some new stuff if you can hear it, haha. For us - I think, we want to stop being conservative about only writing and recording and then it’s time to record a record. We want to just keep recording new music, and then when it’s time for a new record, out of the 50 we have, we can just choose 10 that might fit on the new one. We may release one song here or there. One song will never be the same as the other. Ultimately we just want to write and record whenever we can.

You guys made a short film for your release of In Darkness & In Light, as well as released a book prior to that. What made you all decide on making those?
It was just something we wanted to create. We record songs all of the time, but we always want to be challenged. It’s just like, we might want to make a documentary, or a book, and then a short film, while providing all the music for it oureslves. We always want to move on to the next thing and never want to repeat ourselves. So many bands go in and record the same record , the same video and the same tour repeatedly. It’s not that it doesn’t work, we just want to attempt to do something new and different as artists.

Speaking of videos, you put out a homemade one for “Right Girl” recently. There’s a version of the video circulating with the footage from the video but it’s set to the song “Every Road”. Have you seen that?
Haha yeah, I have.  I think about making videos is that people think there’s some sort of unwritten rule for music videos. For us, it was just a fun thing to do with our friends from home on the spot and did it as fast as we could, shooting in a few hours. There aren’t really any rules to a video. The typical video is like having a girl at a party, drunk, that whole story, but we weren’t interested in doing that. If people like the video, that’s awesome, but if they don’t, they can watch the “Every Road” version of the video, haha.

So what’s lined up for The Maine after this tour?
We’ll be heading into the studio, and recording some new songs. After that it’s kind of all up in the air, we have some festivals we’re doing over in Europe in August. After that it’s kind of up in the air. We kind of just walk ourselves away and pump out some new songs. Everyone should keep their eyes peeled for any surprises.

I think that should wrap it up, is there anything else you’d like to add in?
I just would like to thank all of our fans for sticking by us, and I hope to see you at a show on this tour with Augustana. We’ve put a lot of work in the set, and hopefully you all enjoy it. Thanks for the support over the past 4 years.


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