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Common Revolt Interview with: This Century

This Century recently released their debut album, Sound Of Fire, on April 19th. We got the chance to do an interview with drummer Ryan Gose about their new album, recording, possibilities of a headlining tour, and more. 

The band will be out on tour with Go Radio, Sparks the Rescue & Select Start during the month of May this year so be sure to check them out! In addition, read up the track-by-track for Sound Of Fire, here.

Action Theory announced their existence as a label last year. From my understanding, it’s ran by a couple guys from The Maine. How does it feel to be one of the first artists to sign to the label?
We get to work with our friends. It doesn’t get much better then that!

Do you find it easier to be on a record label ran by your friends, rather than go to a major?
For us it is more about working with a team that we know we can trust. You can have that on a major or a smaller label. In our case it just happens to be on Action Theory.Your new album, Sound Of Fire, is finally out. How did this album’s writing process go?
We had written around 60 songs before going to California. After we got to Cali to actually record the album we ended up scrapping everything but a song or two & wrote the rest one week before recording. We didn’t really sleep that week.

How long was the process of making this album? From my understanding, it was pushed back.
We stayed in California for two months. During that time we wrote and recorded the album…I think it was about three months total before we were listening to final mixes. That was before summer of last year though so, yeah haha, it was definitely pushed back.

What brought the decision to re-record some of your old tracks?

"To Love & Back" was a song that one of our A&Rs outside of Action Theory was all about. He insisted that we record it again & we thought it would be fun to rework the song anyways. So we went for it. With "Money Honey" we had always wanted to do a full band version & rerecording it for the album gave us that opportunity.

I know that Joel Kanitz is on vocal rest a lot recently, due to complications with his vocal chords, preventing him from using them at times. Has this rose any difficulty on the road or even recording?
At times he has had some issues with his voice while on the road. We had to drop off a little early on a tour we did last year with Hey Monday and Cartel. Since then Joel has started working with a voice therapist & has been doing pretty well at keeping his voice in check. 

Your first official video, for the song “Sound Of Fire”, was just released. Can you tell us a little bit about filming it? 
It was our first time making a music video so we didn’t really know what to expect. Showed up with a bunch of clothes, went through wardrobe, got haircuts and then did what we always do. Played some music! They created all of the lighting in the video with mirrors that were reflecting the outside sun. I found that to be pretty cool. Also, the director had us rotating for the close up shots so just know that we had to move all of our gear a bunch so you could look at our faces! It was a rad experience and I can’t wait to do another.

What new heights do you wish to take This Century to across the next year?
We really want to do a headliner soon so I am hoping that our record can have enough success in helping us bring in the fans to do so. We also want to get out to our fans in other countries. It has been a dream for all of us in the band to do this for a while so we just hope to keep turning bits of that dream into reality.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Just to check out our new album, Sound of Fire & if you like it then tell your friends about it!


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