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Common Revolt Spotlight: Alive, In Standby

If you’re familiar with the Detroit music scene, you know that Eminem reigns across the city as the most widely known artist as of now. In Michigan’s post-hardcore scene, bands like I See Stars and We Came As Romans have emerged from nothing and built their way up, eventually making it onto world tours, including full Warped Tour stints, playing to thousands each night.

A new band whom are still unsigned are slowly making waves in the Michigan music scene, and that band is Alive, In Standby. You may recognize their song “Direction”, because someone thought it’d be funny or worthwhile to alter it’s pitch and post it on Youtube, claiming it to be a new Dance Gavin Dance song, “Blue Dream”.

Alive, In Standby have shared the stage with tons of bands, one notably being I See Stars. Alive, In Standby are gaining momentum and sooner (rather than later) you’ll be seeing them everywhere. We’re honored to have them featured as our first Spotlight Artist, below you will find a new exclusive song premiere of a new song, “Mac Attack”.

The song was recorded in Royal Oak Michigan at Zoinga Recording with Mick Maslowski. The band’s debut EP will be released in June, stay tuned for more information on that.

(For fans of: Dance Gavin Dance, A Day To Remember, D.R.U.G.S.)

Alive, In Standby is: 
Chris K. - Vocals/Synth
Ben W. - Guitar
Steve E. - Guitar
Anthony L. - Bass
Anthony P. -Drums/Vocals


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