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Common Revolt Interview with: Josh Farro of Novel American

Josh Farro, as many all know, recently left Paramore. He’s started a new band called Novel American with his brother Zac Farro on drums, and friends Van Beasley on Vocals, with Ryan Clark on bass.

Mr. Farro recently took the time do an interview with us at Common Revolt, which you can read below. Get to know more about his new band, new music, and the ongoing Paramore situation below.

So you just started a new band, Novel American. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
Well, Novel American consists of me, my brother Zac, Van Beasley, and Ryan Clark. Van and Ryan are two buddies that went to high school with us and are a little older than us. We connected with them and decided to get together and jam for fun. We were in Paramore, they were in another band and we figured it’d be cool to get together. It ended up flowing perfectly. We eventually had to go to our respective bands. When me and Zac stepped away from Paramore, I was like “man, I gotta call Van and Ryan, see what they’re doing”, and to see if they wanted to start a band. We got together with their older drummer Tyler, and it didn’t end up working out with him. So we got Zac, and have been practicing / writing with him ever since.

You said you guys would compare Novel American to bands like Jimmy Eat World. Which Jimmy Eat World album would you compare your music to?
Well, I don’t want to restrict our comparisons to one band, let alone one album alone. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Jimmy Eat World. If we were to write songs heavily influenced by them, we’d probably go towards the Bleed American type of progession. 

Yeah, when I saw the name, the first thing that came to mind was Bleed American, haha.
Haha yeah I can see that. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to sound like them. We have a ton of different influences - I mean, we all love Radiohead and Mew. 

I didn’t really want to focus on the whole Paramore situation, but there was one specific thing in this whole situation that really stuck out to me. In Paramore’s song “Careful”, the lyric “the truth never set me free, so I did it myself”, wasn’t something you wanted appearing on brand new eyes, due to it contradicting your faith. How did you guys feel about going through with that line in the song?
Paramore claimed to be a christian band, and then wrote those lyrics. It contradicts your faith. Hayley always said it was meant to be “your truth never set me free”, but you know. If it was meant to be that, then why was it changed? It’s kind of a sorry excuse. It bummed me out, and obviously one of many reasons me and Zac walked away. We couldn’t be happier where we are right now.

Back to Novel American: how’s the progress going? Any song names / plans for an EP or album?
No song titles just yet, it’s very early on, the beginning stages. It’s cool and different. We’re literally starting from square one. We’re playing with two guys we’ve never really played in a band with, so we’re learning them and how they work. So we’ve got a ton of different ideas, it’s all about narrowing it down to the ones we like best. The plan is to record an EP and get it out there as soon as we can. We’ve got a few different producers already offering to work with us. We think it’s gonna be really good. 

I know Novel Amercan originally hoped to have your friend Tyler Ward to play on the drums but things didn’t work out with him. How is it to have Zac back behind the kit again?
It’s awesome, I’m so used to playing with Zac. I started to feel like “something’s not working”, and Tyler ended up saying “Well, I gotta leave anyway”. It worked out perfectly because Zac was doing his own thing with Half Noise, a sort of side project he was doing. He called me and said he really wanted to play drums with Novel, and it ended up all falling into place. 

What would you like to see happening with Novel American by this time next year?
I don’t even know right now haha, it just all depends. We haven’t really tried shopping to any labels right off the bat, and I don’t think we’re going to or have any desire to at this time. This time next year I think it’ll look like us touring, hopefully supporting an EP. I’m hoping that we’ll maybe even have a full length out by then.

Any song releases or shows planned? 
Yeah man, for sure. We’re really working towards playing a show and releasing music but only time will tell. We realize that our first few shows won’t be the greatest but we have to work for it to get playing together just right. We have friends in bands already asking us to play shows together. We need music first, though. We’re trying to take it slow but at the same take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves. We’re working on a website that we hope to have up soon.

This is kind of unrelated but I can’t really tell if you have a telecaster thinline or if you designed your own guitar. What kind is it exactly?
Fender were cool enough to let me design a custom one. It’s based off a ‘72 deluxe reissue. The f-hole is a fake f-hole, it’s really for looks, haha.

Novel American is:
Van Beasley - lead vocals
Josh Farro - lead guitar
Ryan Clark - bass guitar, backing vocals
Zac Farro - drums, percussion

Check the band out:
Novel American on Tumblr
Novel American on Facebook
Novel American on Twitter


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